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Total fish going upstream 8097 for the year 2010
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Members, please send photos of your fish to  info@northkerryanglers.com  for inclusion in this web site. Details of where caught, weight and type of lure, if you so wish.
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Michael Forrest former Assistant Chief Fire Officer samples the good life .  Fishing the Tea Lane Pool with a flying C in the search for his first fish of the 2011 season. We wish him the best of luck!.
Do salmon feed in fresh water?. The question of whether or not salmon feed in freshwater is one that has fascinated anglers for many years. It's viewed by many as perhaps the greatest of all of the many mysteries associated with this wonderful king of fish. But is it really such a mystery, given all that we know about the migrating salmon? To answer this question properly we need to take a look at the life of the salmon and its journey from egg to adult fish.    more...
HALIFAX - An international conservation organization is warning that large Atlantic salmon could suffer the same devastating collapse as the cod stocks off Newfoundland unless Canada steps up protection efforts and sets a good example for other nations. The Atlantic Salmon Federation says it's especially concerned that fishermen in Greenland have expressed an interest in resuming a commercial fishery next year for the first time in a decade.  .....more
Does anything change?
The difference between salmon and sea trout
Salmon (I) can be distinguished from large sea trout (II) by a more streamlined shape, concave tail, slimmer tail wrist, upper jaw reaching no further than rear of the eye, few if any black spots below lateral line, 10-15 (usually 11-13) scales counted obliquely forward from adipose fin to lateral line - trout have 13-16.  
Salmon parr (I) can normally be distinguished from young brown/sea trout (II) by the more streamlined shape, deeply forked tail, longer pectoral fin, lack of orange on adipose fin, smaller mouth, sharper snout, only 1-4 spots on gill cover (often one large spot), well defined parr marks.
Salmon Smolts When the salmon parr begin to migrate to the sea, usually in March, April and May, they gradually become more elongated and the fins darken. A layer of guanine crystals is laid down in the skin. rendering the body more silvery in colour and obscuring the spots and finger-marks, except on the gill-covers. They then become Smolts.
Scales Reveal Salmon Feeding Grounds Scientists have discovered how to find out where Atlantic salmon spend their time at sea by analysing the chemistry of their scales, in a breakthrough that may help preserve dwindling populations. MORE
Listowel Waterdog Remembers I remember well the first day i went to school in 1886, seventy-four golden years ago.   I passed from petticoats to trousers.   Boys in those days used to wear petticoats until school age.   I slept with my first pants ready folded under the pillows and thought the day would never dawn.   At least five neighbouring  women came into my house that first morning to admire and encourage me.   Some time after this I had occasional days off school, suffering dreadful  inward pains in the morning, which passed off by eleven o'clock and were completely gone by twelve.   My mother soon got to know my tricks, however, and i was marched up to Barney Mcginley's  corner by my father when i began to show morning pains. After school in the evenings we went "forking" fluke at the back of Latchford's mill on the Feale.   You couldn't find a dinner fork in any house in Convent Lane.   We used to hide them in the lining of our coats from our mothers.   We beat the mill stream coming down from the weir with hoops in the shape of swords, with our shoes off to capture the white trout.   One evening two youths fought in mid-stream over a trout.   As a result one of them arrived home with half a toe due to a sword swipe.   That night all our swords were confiscated and we were left with nothing but forks after that.   When we would be tired after an evenings fishing and late for school in the morning, the school master would stare at us and say " here comes another of the waterdogs".   I have remained one of the 'waterdogs' all my life since then.                                                              Maurice Browne: memories of Listowel (Shannonside annual 1960)
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Maurice Browne 1928
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  Salmon Fishing for less than €2 a week
Expert Warns Irish Minister on Fish Farm Risks Galway Independent A leading expert on Marine Ecology has written to the Minister for Food, Agriculture and the Marine to warn him of the potential danger of sea lice posed by offshore salmon farms. May 16, 2013 by Conor Harrington A leading expert on Marine Ecology has written to the Minister for Food, Agriculture and the Marine to warn him of the dangers of sea lice emanating from offshore salmon farms.  Read more
New Technology at its best, water height at the Pump House Flat updated every 15 minutes.  Our thanks to the O.P.W. Just click the depth staff
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If you are interested in joining as a local or outside member. Please download an application form from the download section of this web-site.  Fill out the application form along with the appropriate fees   and post to The Secretary, North Kerry Angler’s Association, Convent Street, Listowel. fishing fees page
              Wild Salmon Starve at Sea as Ocean Warms Chris Todd, Professor of Marine Ecology, University of St. Andrews Shrinking wild salmon starve at sea as North Atlantic warms It is an enduring mystery how juvenile salmon, at 12cm long and weighing perhaps only 20g, can leave a Scottish river in springtime, undertake a sojourn of thousands of kilometres around the North Atlantic, and return between one and four years later to their rivers to spawn. - read more
Fishing the Feale for the 2015 season
Q.  Can I take a salmon on the 1st March to 30th Sepember?. A.  Yes, provided you attach a brown and blue tag to your fish. Q.  Where did the brown tag come from?. A.   IFI have introduced them for the 2015 season on the Feale Q    Where can I get a brown tag?. A    When you buy your state licence you will get one brown tag and 3 blue tags. Q.   If I want another brown tag where do I get it?. A.   You must get it from IFI staff @ 087/7639236 you will only  get another brown tag when you provide proof that you have used your initial brown tag. Q   Can I get as many brown tag as I want?. A.   Yes and NO, up to 10 technically but the quota for brown tags for entire Feale should be 800 to 850 (about 2 brown tags per angler) and when they’re gone there definitely gone. Q   Will the tags be divided equally across all anglers? A.  No, it would appear to be on a first come first serve basis. Q.  If I buy a licence on-line or outside the Shannon Basin area can i get a brown tag to fish the Feale? A. Yes, by ringing 087/7639236. Q.   If I don’t have a brown tag can I still fish A.   Yes, but on a catch and release basis (single barbles hook no worms) Additional info www.fisheriesireland.ie-  Limerick@fisheriesireland.ie – phone 061/300238
John Scanlan first fish of the 2015 season. Met at “Matt’s Rock”  weighing 3 kilo, and on a fly lure